Helping to communicate a company's inherent value and ultimately drive adoption of its products and services

Providing project management from beginning to end - be it a single piece of collateral or a multifaceted campaign   

Offering planning, copy writing, proposal writing and promotion, including advertising, trade shows and events   

Public Relations

What is PR?

  • PR is a multi-tiered process that involves research, collaboration, planning, communication and engagement.  
  • PR complements an organization’s overall marketing and communications objectives by cultivating relationships with credible third-parties who have the influence to shape favorable public opinion, understanding and acceptance of a company's brand, products and services.
  • PR helps to develop clear, honest, relevant messages that communicate an organization’s own goals, solutions and expertise, and, more importantly, an understanding of its customers’ unique needs.
  • PR manages the consistent flow of information. It engages an organization’s diverse public by regularly sharing relevant, newsworthy stories that demonstrate thought leadership, expertise or a unique perspective on a specific technology or issue. 
  • PR leverages a wide variety of traditional and digital channels, including print and digital media, research reports, speaking engagements, broadcast, radio and video. It also utilizes appropriate social media platforms, which promote one-to-one and one-to-many conversations that can further influence public perception of a company’s image, brand and culture.

What PR is NOT!

  • A PRESS RELEASE - PR is far more than announcing a company’s latest news. This is just one tactic.
  • MASS MESSAGING - No one likes being inundated with mail that is irrelevant, editors least of all. Know your audience and what is important to them before you reach out. 
  • VANITY PRESS - Even if your company or product truly is "cutting-edge," groundbreaking," "revolutionary," etc., using this kind of marketing hype weakens credibility. The public doesn't want to hear how great  YOU think you are. They want to understand how your solutions will benefit THEM and relieve their specific pain points.
  • A QUICK FIX - PR is a long-term investment designed to build a regular dialogue between an organization and its stakeholders. Consistent engagement is necessary to maintain a mutual understanding and ensure the reputation of a company, its products and services. As a result, PR should not be considered a means to achieve short-term lead generation or sales goals.

Recent Public Relations Experience

AdaCore - Public Relations Representatitve

I have been AdaCore’s PR representative for over 10 years, first during my tenure with Rainier Communications, and now as a private consultant. I work closely with the marketing team, based in New York and Paris. I am responsible for maintaining media, analyst and client relationships; conducting proactive editorial outreach; and arranging briefings for press/analyst tours and trade shows. I am also responsible for logistical coordination of US trade shows and advertising.

Rainier - Senior Account Manager

For 15 years I served as a Senior Account Manager with Rainier Communications, a global public relations agency specializing in marketing complex technologies. I was directly responsible for developing media, analyst and client relationships; proactive editorial outreach; writing and editing news announcements, articles and case studies; arranging briefings for press/analyst tours and trade shows; and strategic counsel, planning and management. I managed a wide variety of accounts from small start-ups to publicly traded corporations, with budgets ranging from $3,000 to 15,000 per month.

Please refer to the Clients page for a full list of companies for which I have provided PR over the years.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve goals and meet specific success criteria. 

​The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints, be it time, budget, resources or all of the above.


A well executed plan and regular team meetings go a long way to keeping people on track and achieving goals


Well-structured processes and regular communication ensure deliverables are executed accordingly


Selecting dedicated and experienced team members with varied skill sets and responsibilities is crucial to the success of any project


Gaining commitment from, and accessibility to, key decision-makers can make or break a project

Recent Project Management Experience

UMass Memorial Health Care - Caregiver Gift Project

Since September 2015, I have been contracted to manage the annual Caregiver Gift program, which distributes gifts of thanks to the organization's 15,000+ employees, residents, contractors and volunteers. Reporting to the Director of Marketing and Chief of Staff, I managed a team of people from the Marketing, Communications, Graphics Design and Human Resources departments, as well as outside promotional product and distribution vendors. I developed and managed the production schedule, conducted weekly calls with the team, and provided feedback on communications and the website where caregivers could place their gift order. Planning started in August to meet an aggressive year-end deadline. Weekly meetings enabled the team to revisit responsibilities and deadlines and quickly address issues. At the close of every project, a team debriefing was scheduled to review goals and metrics,  and to discuss ways to improve the process going forward.

UMass Memorial Health Care - Find a Physician Website

In 2014, I was hired as a consultant to work with UMass Memorial’s Marketing, Medical Staff Services and IS departments, as well an outside web design firm, to create a state-of-the-art online physician directory. Tasks involved managing department coordination, profile distribution and collection, and database updates for over 1,600+ employed, Managed Care Network and private physicians. Eight months from the start of my involvement, the new web site launched to great fanfare and continues to be the most visited website for the organization. In addition, the creation of standardized specialties, clinical interests and data entry processes have greatly improved overall data accuracy. I continue to monitor and manage changes to the website under an ongoing support contract. 


Marketing includes virtually every customer-related activity that a business carries out, from developing a product, to attracting customer attention, to maintaining a customer base by serving and satisfying  customers over the long term.

Unfortunately, many companies are often so tickled with their own greatness, products and services they spend all their time talking about themselves. Customers don't want to hear how great YOU think you are. They want to understand how your solutions will benefit THEM and relieve their specific pain points.

​A successful marketing strategy focuses on customer wants and needs, utilizing a variety of promotional techniques to ensure people not only know a solution exists, but also discover that it's exactly what they need.

Promotional Techniques:

  • Printed Collateral
  • Advertising - print and digital
  • Direct Mail 
  • Social Media
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Public Relations

Recent Marketing Experience

BEELE Engineering - Recruitment Brochure

BEELE Engineering requested help to create a recruitment tool to entice talented young engineers to join their rural campus in the Netherlands. It also needed to serve as an introduction to the company's new Sealing Valley Centre of Excellence, 

which was built to "transfer the knowledge of sealing technologies, fire safety and waterproofing to the next generation."

I provided an outline for the brochure, drafted the text, and recommended photography to capture the lifestyle of company employees and the area. CEO, Hans Beele, was very pleased with the results. 

L-3 ESSCO - Product Launch

I was asked to help with a new product launch for L-3 ESSCO, their first in years. Working with executive staff, partner DSM Dyneema, L-3 Communications’ corporate marketing staff, and outside graphics designers, we developed a variety of marketing materials and conducted proactive outreach to key media to initiate relationships and build momentum leading up to the launch. The news release was strategically timed just prior to the World ATM Congress, to maximize exposure and drive traffic to the L-3 ESSCO booth where a formal presentation was given. 

Symmetry Electronics - Educational Handout / Contributed Article

I worked with Symmetry’s in-house engineers to develop an educational piece in which they could share their insights on what to consider before taking on any IoT design project. In addition to a marketing handout, TECHPR successfully pitched and published the piece as an editorial on to maximize exposure, validate credibility and drive traffic to Symmetry Electronics’ various partner booths at an upcoming Embedded Systems Conference.